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Thank you for your interest in the RAM Hunt Club; “Where sportsman and game get together."


RAM Hunt Club was established for the goals and desires of the true sportsman.  A sportsman is one who enjoys a peaceful day in the woods, one who’s heart jumps a the sight of a mature buck, or one who becomes paralyzed at the sound of a “tom” at first light.  A sportsman enjoys the fellowship and friendship that develops from the mutual respect each has for the great outdoors.


Our property is diverse. Located in Richmond and Montgomery Counties, it spans two different game zones in North Carolina – the central and eastern regions.   Presently, we have approximately 4000 acres of land divided into farmland, tree farms, and bottom land with almost 4 miles of shoreline along the Pee Dee River.  The properties also include almost 200 acres of marsh and beaver ponds. The properties natural cover provides ample space for our 50 plus club stands, and more stands to be added with our members input.  Club stands allow our members to come and hunt for a morning or afternoon hunt without the extra burden of having to pack in and out their own stand.


 For the upland bird hunter, though we have a small wild bird population, we currently have two registered  shooting preserves for our members to release birds and have  an enjoyable hunt.

Turkey hunting is excellent on our properties.  Actually, it is not uncommon to see a gang of turkeys while deer hunting. At times, we have a problem with our wild turkey population competing with our deer herd for the corn that we put out for the deer.


Currently, we are maintaining a food plot program that consists of a variety of grains and forages designed to attract and hold wildlife on our properties.


Though the RAM Hunt Club is constantly a work in progress.  One of our goals is to keep our membership limited; this will make us more of an exclusive club with members that are visionary and patient.  We will be limited in number, but unlimited in unforgettable experiences in the outdoors.


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